Haidar Dib

Spectra Arts embarked on its journey as a stained-glass craft shop in Doha, Qatar during the late 80s. We expanded our creations to be known not only as traditional pieces in religious institutions, but to also be recognized in any structure, modern or traditional. Today, we proudly stand as the premier company in the realm of decorative glass, both locally and regionally.

As we secured numerous prestigious projects for glass and mirror installations, we continuously refined our techniques through technological advancements and rigorous research. Our portfolio expanded to encompass everything from windows and doors to monumental stained-glass skylights and domes, introducing unparalleled artistic flair into Qatar’s architectural landscape.

Our ascent to becoming the foremost glass solutions company in Qatar is attributed to the unwavering support of our valued clients, who have placed their trust in us, as well as our dedicated and professional team. From skilled glass technicians and laborers to site installers, supervisors, administrative staff, and management, our success is a testament to the collective effort of this exceptional family.

To commemorate our journey and embrace a promising future, we have revamped our website (, updated our brochures, and enhanced our showrooms. These endeavors not only showcase our artistic prowess but also symbolize our deep appreciation for our clients and our commitment to excellence.


As we embrace the greater horizons, we promise to keep you updated and take another leap forward through ceaseless innovation in glass industry.

Thank you and we look forward to being of service to you.