Spectra Arts is dedicated to the timeless artistry of stained glass designs, a timeless art form with roots dating back to the medieval period. Originating in cathedrals and churches, stained glass has evolved into a captivating art form found in homes, museums, and public buildings, captivating those who see it.

We specialize in the craft of stained glass designs, offering a wide range of projects from traditional to contemporary styles. Our skilled artisans use intricate techniques like cutting, leading, and soldering to create captivating windows, lampshades, and bespoke designs. Stained glass is not only visually stunning but also versatile, allowing for the creation of a unique ambience in any space, complemented by your taste and surroundings.

We provide stained glass restoration services to preserve historical masterpieces, ensuring they remain cherished for generations. We offer workshops for novices and experienced enthusiasts to create their masterpieces.

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