Embrace timeless elegance with antique mirrors that never fade from fashion. Spectra Arts presents a diverse range of antique mirror options, featuring an array of intricate patterns and styles. In unique instances, we have the capability to craft bespoke antique patterns that are not readily found in the market.

Our antique mirrors offer exceptional versatility, allowing for various finishing touches tailored to your project’s specific needs. These enhancements may include polishing, beveling, engraving, sandblasting, framing, or fusion with compatible materials.

Discover our extensive collection of antique mirrors, all boasting a thickness of 5 mm. For those seeking larger dimensions, our antique mirrors are available in impressive sizes, with a maximum dimension of 2440 X 1830 mm.

Experience the enduring charm of antique mirrors with Spectra Arts, where craftsmanship and customization converge to create exceptional pieces that stand the test of time.