Stained Glass is a traditional artistic technique that involves cutting colored glass into various shapes and assembling them into a mosaic to create pictures or designs. The glass pieces are secured in place by metal strips known as lead came, which are soldered to ensure the strength and stability of the stained glass. To enhance its protection, the stained glass panel is enclosed within a double glazed unit, forming three layers of glass. The captivating beauty of stained glass is most pronounced when light passes through it, creating a mesmerizing display of dancing colors.

While historically prevalent in places of worship, stained glass has experienced a resurgence in contemporary times. Spectra Arts has played a significant role in revitalizing this craft in the GCC region.

When integrated thoughtfully, stained glass can add a breathtaking touch to both residential and commercial properties, imbuing them with a timeless decorative accent.

At Spectra Arts, custom-made stained glass windows are tailored to specific requirements and site conditions. The design options are diverse, ranging from abstract and floral to classic, contemporary, and art nouveau styles, providing ample choices for clients to select from.